OEM/ODM Service

What We Can Offer

With Dapu you can greatly reduce unnecessary troubles. We support you in everything from product to marketing, sales, and after-sales service, so you can focus on what you do best - make meaningful connections with our customers and not worry too much about products because our Products will only give you peace of mind.

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Dapu Aluminum Suitcase


Professional aluminum suitcase design, development and manufacturer, is a 

professional luggage high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, production, manufacturing and sales services.
Professionally provide OEM/ODM services for aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage for global high-end luggage brands.


Our professional technology is to provide you with satisfactory aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case products through OEM/ODM service.


Aluminum-magnesium alloy suitcases with customized logos, 

sizes, colors, materials, designs, patterns, etc. can all be realized for you here.


You can get a professional aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage manufacturer, Wumart cheap and reliable aluminum luggage manufacturer.


Here is a trusted supplier of aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage.

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Various Luggage Designs


Get your official aluminum luggage for sports, travel, gym, 

business, shopping, picnics, golf and more.


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R & D Department


A team of professional designers customizes exclusive aluminum-magnesium alloy suitcases according to your needs.


Provide you with various aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage designs.


And advice on the latest aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage designs on the market.



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How to customize the aluminum 

suitcase you want?



Dapu is committed to providing high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage manufacturing 

for global high-end luggage brands, providing OEM/ODM luggage OEM for world brands, 

and building a brand image.

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